Welcome to the Community! 

About the Communities of Practice 

To meet the learning needs of the Spotlight Initiative and UN Trust Fund partners, SHINE has dedicated communities of practice on various themes related to ending violence against women and girls.

On each community of practice page, you will be able to:

  • join related groups
  • find relevant resources and updates
  • engage in online discussions on the topic in question.

To make sure you are informed when a new resource or discussion is available in SHINE community of practice, follow the tag (for example, follow the ‘Prevention’ tag to be notified of any update on that topic).

GIF inclusionMost communities of practice are visible to all, while groups are closed spaces for a specific audience or different audiences invited to discuss and share their perspectives, such as donors, academics and partners. Groups are intended to allow for more detailed discussion and to ensure that partners hear directly from practitioners



Community of Practice on Programming Principles

Community of Practice on Feminist and Women's Movements


Community of Practice on Services

Community of Practice on Prevention