How we address online violence

SHINE  team
SHINE team • 1 February 2023

Online violence against women and girls is on the rise. It has been exacerbated during the global pandemic as women’s lives shifted online for work, education, access to services and social activities. While there continue to be significant gaps in data, one global report suggests that prevalence of online violence against women and girls ranges from 16% to 58%.

Similar to other forms of violence against women and girls, online violence is rooted in gender inequality, discrimination, and power imbalances. It occurs as part of a continuum that is often connected to offline violence and in turn, reinforces other forms of violence, such as domestic abuse, stalking, and physical aggression. Its impact can be as harmful with negative effects on the health and wellbeing of women and girls as well as serious economic, social, and political impacts.

The Spotlight Initiative is committed to addressing all forms of violence including online violence against women and girls. The Initiative has focused on strengthening laws and policies and implementing school-based and data-driven interventions to ensure a more effective response to addressing online violence against women and girls.